Food safety for lunchboxes

Woman washing her hands• Always wash your hands before preparing lunch.

• Make sure your child’s lunchbox is clean and safe. Wash lunchboxes and bottles thoroughly every evening in hot, soapy water.

• Pack food in an insulated cool bag or lunchbox along with an ice pack. A frozen bottle of water or carton of juice is just as good.

• Don’t keep lunches in warm places such as beside radiators, in school bags or in direct sunlight.

• Throw away food that is not eaten at the end of the day, especially dairy foods like yogurt and cheese, sandwiches with meat, fish, eggs or mayonnaise, and bruised fruit.

• If your child is a messy eater and ends up with food all over their face and hands, why not pop a small pack of wipes, a napkin or a piece of kitchen roll into their lunchbox to help keep them clean. Encourage your child to wash their hands after eating too.